Kinnett, Doug. View from Piet''s Patio. Oil on canvas. 1999.

Doug Kinnett

View from Piet''s Patio, 1999

Oil on canvas

48 × 48 inches

"The reference in the title of this painting is to Piet Mondrian. Most Americans will immediately recognize Mondrian's mature work from the 1940's even if they do not know his name. Mondrian was the father of ''Neoplasticism'. He was known as a reductive abstractionist, a pioneer of nonrepresentational painting, a purist, etc. This painting pokes fun at Mondrian by including all that he removed from painting: curves, secondary colors, diagonals, representation, and departure from a very structured ''grid' composition. In the early years of his career Mondrian painted flowers to pay the bills. He placed a red plastic rose with stem and leaves painted white on his studio wall in New York."

About the Artist

Doug Kinnett is a visual artist who prefers the abstract over the real, the decorative over the minimalist. He creates bold, colorful works that emerge from his imagination,life experiences, and travels. Based in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, in his Manna Machine Studio, Doug works in a variety media: including oil paintings, woodcuts, ceramics, metal, and wood.

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