Lakota Landscapes

Inspired by readings in Native American culture, the Lakota Series was produced in 1995. These small paintings suggest the strong unity of the Lakota people with the land.

Unlike Western Art which depends upon rational Renaissance perspective, the Lakota had a much more subjective and spiritual view of the land. Rather than dominate the land, the Lakota shared life with it.

The three works provided here are symbolic of changes in season or cycles of infancy, youth, middle age and old age. From earth we come, and earth we again become. Having lived in Iowa, Minnesota and Kansas, Doug has traveled over much of the sacred land of the Lakota Nation.

Lakota Landscape (Cedar Blue)

Lakota Landscape (Cedar Blue)
Acrylic & oil on cotton paper 1995
21 x 29″ Framed $400
12 x 20″ Reproduction Available

Lakota Landscape (Pea Green)

Lakota Landscape (Pea Green)
Acrylic & oil on cotton paper 1995
23 x 36″ Framed Original  SOLD
14 x 27″ Reproduction Available

Lakota Landscape (Baby Poop Brown)

Lakota Landscape (Baby Poop Brown)
Acrylic & oil on cotton paper 1995
Acrylic & oil on wood
16 x 25″ Framed Original SOLD
11 x 19″ Reproduction Available