Kinnett, Doug. After the Goose-Drownder. Oil on Canvas. 1997.

Doug Kinnett

After the Goose-Drownder, 1997

Oil on Canvas

25 × 36 inches

"Named for the slang term for a sudden and unexpected storm like those that Americans might experience in Arizona or New Mexico. The sky turns dark and quickly there is violent rain. But, just as quickly it is over. The sun returns and the flowers bloom in the desert with an explosion of color!"

About the Artist

Doug Kinnett is a visual artist who prefers the abstract over the real, the decorative over the minimalist. He creates bold, colorful works that emerge from his imagination,life experiences, and travels. Based in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, in his Manna Machine Studio, Doug works in a variety media: including oil paintings, woodcuts, ceramics, metal, and wood.

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